Unity插件 – 音效控制插件 Volume Control 2

File size: 6.5MB

Version: 2.0.1

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.19 or higher

Adding music and sound effects to a game always requires some encoding to set up the system to control, expose and save the application’s volume settings. The


volume controls are designed to set up these content for you immediately, giving you more time to focus on the most important thing-making great games!

For version 2, we redesigned the system to make it more modular, flexible, and even easier to use. You can now define your own custom prefabricated in project settings to control which prefabricated (such as the volume slider) should be used when creating UI elements from menu items. Volume controls now also allow you to create custom storage components that allow you to control how volume controls store volume information and make it perfectly integrated with your storage system. 202


·Simple volume control system

Volume control provides you with predefined UI sliders and toggles to control game audio settings at runtime, allowing you to easily control game volume

·Accelerate your development

Volume control is available out of the box in every scene. You don’t have to initialize the game when it starts, or write a line of code to run “e” and “sps”·Automatic saving system “spe” “sps” volume controls automatically load and save their status when the game starts or closes “spe” “sps”·Easy to use the “e””sps” volume controls come with documentation and several example scenarios, Help you get started and support for


online documentation immediately Our online documentation covers everything you need to get started, including basic introductions to all features and script examples.