Unity插件 – 体积雾 Better Fog Height Fog Light Scattering More

2024.04.16 Updated plug-in version

File size: 44.0 MB

Version: 1.3

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.17 or higher

Better Fog is a post-processing effect that provides multiple functions that can create a variety of looks and styles, from realistic to stylized. This effect is not a volumetric solution and ensures optimal performance. It also includes other features such as plane or sphere analysis of world fog, custom fog particle shaders, and more. Better Fog is made using the Shader Graph (URP) and Amplify Shader Editor (built-in) and supports transparent objects without modifying its shader.


Screen Spatial Light Scattering (SSMS): Use it to create a more realistic feeling of fog.

gradient fog: Create your own custom look or use one of the many gradients included in the resource.

Sky Box Fog Integration: Ensure consistent visual effects with any Sky Box.

distance-based fog: Default fog, you can choose to use radial distance.

height fog: atmospheric height fog.

Volume Mixing: Use post-processing volumes to mix between various presets.

transparent objects and particle support: Fog works well on particles and transparent objects.

World Fog: Customize and add fog using planes and spheres with custom shaders.

Custom fog with particles: Including procedural fog particle FX.

fog energy loss: Simulate photon energy loss due to fog scattering. Simple integration of


: Easily add effects to your project.

multi-function customization: Adjust each function as needed and use keywords for better performance.


only support directional light.

are non-volumetric.


do not support MSAA.


require a device capable of deep rendering.


do not support orthogonal camera, VR, webGL, and VFX graphics particle mixing.