, Unity插件 – 体积光照明灯光雾插件 Aura 2  Volumetric Lighting & Fog,


file size: 13.8 MB

version: 2.1.17

original Unity version: 2020.3.43 or higher

Aura 2 simulates fog and light (also known as light) in the atmosphere. Optimized and flexible, Aura 2 is the leading state-of-the-art volume lighting / fog solution for Unity.

Aura 2 is the Unity volume lighting / fog solution. The illumination of particles that exist in the Aura 2 simulation environment but are too small to be recognized by the naked eye / captured by the camera.

function: ▶ supports all light types ▸ Full shadows support (1-2-4 directional cascade (s), spot) Point) ▸ Cookie support ▶ ​​​ controls volumes (global, planar, box, sphere, cylinder, Cone): ▸ Density injection ▸ Scattering control ▸ Tint control ▸ Light injection Boost control ▸ Ambient Lighting control ▸ Light Probes Lighting injection ▶ ​​​ color temperature support ▶ ​​​ one-click start environment preset ▶ quality improvement ▶ support multiple camera ▶ support light detector ▶ support stereo / VR ▶ editor real-time preview ▶ shortcut toolkit ▶ real Mass switching ▶ fast import ▶ is compatible with the following programs: ▸ Gaia from Procedural Worlds ▸ Amplify Shader Editor from Amplify Creations ▸ Bolt-Visual Scripting from Ludiq ▶ supports opacity / transparency * ​​ geometry ​​​ ▶ particle lighting, Haze and density * * ▶ for forward / delay ▶ for LDR (Low Dynamic Range Low dynamic range) and HDR (High Dynamic Range, high dynamic range) ▶ are suitable for gamma / linear ▶ support 2D and 3D texture ▶ support dynamic 4D noise ▶ fully annotated API

Aura 2 strictly requires full support of the following elements: ▶ RenderTexture (and 3D) ▶ Texture2DArray ▶ ComputeShader Please make sure that the support for these elements is unlimited Especially on lower platforms.

Aura 1 and Aura 2 are not compatible. Please delete all Aura 1 references before importing Aura 2 into your project.

currently Aura 2 does not support SRP, LWRP, URP or HDRP.



Aura 2 is developed and tested on Windows and DirectX11. Other platforms and consoles are under construction but there is no guarantee yet. However, some experienced users reported that Aura 2 was successfully used for Vulkan, Linux, and MacOS + Metal. Support for these platforms is not currently available.