Unity插件 – 体积光照体积雾插件 Ethereal URP – Volumetric Lighting & Fog

2024.03.02 Updated version

File Size: 25.0 MB

Version: 1.6.5

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.5 or higher

Ethereal URP-Volumetric lighting and Fog is an asset dedicated to creating atmospheric fog and volumetric lighting effects in the Universal Pipeline by simulating the lighting of small particles present in the atmosphere.

This system is made for native URP rendering systems * to achieve maximum performance and compatibility, bringing state-of-the-art volumetric lighting systems to the Unity URP platform.

This asset is also included in Sky Master ULTIMATE URP Suit, make sure to buy the system and upgrade to Ethereal to get maximum discounts and get all atmospheric effects, including volume clouds for URP and HDRP!!! The Ethereal core system is the same as the one included in Sky Master ULTIMATE URP, and this stand-alone version contains a large number of additional demonstration and reward forest assets as well as demon-related URP plant shaders.

This asset also includes Atrium and Forest demos for Sky Master ULTIMATE URP versions, all of which can be used in your game. Also included is an additional URP leaf shader with wind and subsurface scattering capabilities.