, Unity插件 – 体积 VFX 网格建模工具 MudBun: Volumetric VFX & Modeling,


file size: 16.2 MB

version: 1.4.40

original Unity version: 2019.4.15 or higher

MudBun is a real-time volume VFX grid tool. It programmatically generates meshes by defining non-destructive “brushes” that define shapes, twists, and surface modifications. MudBun is designed to be used to localize VFX, but it can also be used for volume modeling and provides convenient automatic binding capabilities. You can use Unity’s official FBX export package to export locked meshes, including automatically assembled meshes.

has a variety of rendering and gridding modes with different styles and features. Supported gridding modes include: marching cube (balanced), biquadrilateral (faster and stylized), surface mesh (can be blended to / from biquadrilateral), and double contours (slower, good at retaining sharp features, can be blended to / from biquadrilateral). MudBun can be used to create organic-looking meshes, which combines perfectly with Boing Kit, and Boing Kit is a tool for producing organic elastic effects. ” The

MudBun is customizable. You can extend the frame to create custom brush shapes, morph brushes, retouching brushes, and shaders. You can also define custom binding logic for the auto-binding function.

uses special data representation, and MudBun allows users to work in typical game settings without having to worry about the limitations of finite voxel meshes.

features (details of drawing):-Volume mesh generation and modeling. -built-in VFX and original brush. -distortion and retouching brushes. -user-defined custom brush. -Brush group (composite brush). -rendering mode: smooth mesh, flat mesh, circular splats, quad splats, decals, ray traveling surfaces (experiments and URP only), ray tracing voxels (experiments and URP only). -gridding mode: marching cube, biquadrilateral, surface mesh, double profile. -Brush operator: join, subtract, intersect, dye, weed out the inside, weed out the outside, no operation. -dynamic voxel density. -2D mode. Grid Collider generation. -mesh locking and automatic assembly. -mesh smoothing automatically. -generate automatic vertex welds for the mesh. -SDF texture generation (for GPU particle collisions). -smooth edges for double contours. -supported rendering pipes: built-in RP, URP, HDRP and custom RP. -customize the magnification shader editor node. -borderless voxel workspace. -GPU memory budget and automatic adjustment.