Unity插件 – VR游戏系统 VR FPS System

File size: 80.7 MB

Version: 1.0.2

Original Unity Version: 2020.2.3 or higher

VR player controller with guns and zombies

You need to download Unity Oculus support to achieve this feature


VR FPS system is a simple system for using weapons in VR


VR SWAT team members jump, Squatting, moving, swivelling gun/magazine loaded vest


Pistol burst shooting assault rifle submachine gun (SMG)

Easy-to-use weapon mechanism

Holding weapon with both hands Detailed recoil mechanism Use magazine to reload Sliding rebound Virtual stock for additional aiming controlRed dot sight

Other features:

Destroyed city roof scene Shooting range shows hit interactive target zombies Many reusable sounds/textures/models Simple C#code

Note: This is built for Unity’s Oculus framework, may require additional work to make it compatible with other headphones, and is not supported by this asset