Unity插件 – VR投掷游戏开发模板 VR Throw Lab

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Original Unity Version:2019.4.31 or later

VR Throw Lab is a tool for fine-tuning the throwing mechanism in VR.

Making the throwing mechanism feel just right in VR can be tricky, especially if you ask users to throw far and/or accurately. What users feel is right will depend on the tasks you ask them to perform, the hardware they actually hold, and their expectations of how the thrown object should behave in your virtual world. The

VR Throw Lab is a set of tools that can be used to create a throwing mechanism that suits your VR game and maintain a consistent experience across platforms.

This software package includes a playable laboratory scene that can be used to test values without removing the headphones.

Main features

Automatic device detection

Speed smoothing

Speed scaling

Grab/release threshold adjustment

Aiming assist

Release friction

Supported SDK

“SteamVR 2.0

Eye ring integration

Unity XR Toolkit

(Can be integrated into any interactive system via some scripts)

supported devices

Vive Wand

Valve steering knuckle

Eye ring touch (1G + 2G)

Windows MR Motion Controller