, Unity插件 – 水系统插件 AQUAS Legacy – Built-In Render Pipeline,


file size: 95.7 mb

version: 1.5.4

support Unity version: 5.2.1 or higher



AQUAS is a powerful and full-featured water system that contains a 12-piece set of calm water shaders for all types of platforms, environments and games. It is highly customizable and has a wealth of features to meet all needs and create high-quality effects that meet the requirements of the industry. The general workflow of

AQUAS is to first create a scene, then add AQUAS, and finally adjust the water and underwater effects according to specific needs.

Quick setup AQUAS is designed to be easy for users to use and set up as quickly as possible, while being highly customizable. It not only contains a quick setup window that allows you to add AQUAS to the scene with just a few clicks, but it is also fully integrated with Gaia, allowing you to provide a fully functional water system for your Gaia terrain in seconds!

flow mapping river AQUAS fully supports flow mapping. Flow maps blend smoothly with wave motion to help create rivers with a very realistic appearance. The integrated river settings menu allows you to quickly create a river plane and export a river reference texture as a blueprint for appropriate flow mapping.

buoyancy this resource bundle contains a basic buoy effector for grid objects with or without collider components.

depth Mask AQUAS contains a basic depth mask shader that can be added to a volume where the water does not render. This feature makes it impossible for water to render inside floating objects, such as boats and boats. ” The

AQUAS contains six mobile shaders for different performance levels and six high-quality shaders for network and desktop applications, as well as a variety of presets for different user instances.

rendering: * Multi-ray support * flow map-based rivers * distance-based texture tiling * distorted real-time reflection * real-time refraction * depth-based color absorption * self-sustaining fog system Suitable for any custom lighting * double-layer caustic effect (currently unavailable-will be online again soon) * High-resolution normal mapping for excellent visual quality Low-resolution normal mapping enables high-performance

underwater effects on mobile devices: * limited and distorted line of sight * floodlight and blur * 3D morphing bubbles * realistic bubble generator * Advanced wet mirror effects * compatible with Unity’s post-processing stacks v1 and v2

utility * basic buoyancy features and other buoyancy features Effect: realistic hydrophysics (integration) * screenshot tool for editors * rendering sequence controller Manually manipulate water rendering sequence index * depth mask shader to prevent water rendering internal ship

easy to use: * out of the box (with demo scene) * highly customizable * Quick setup * convenient river setting

AQUAS has been tested by various terrain tools Perfect for the following tools:

* Gaia (integration) * landscape builder (integration) * world creator * Map Magic * terrain maker