Unity插件 – 水系统插件 SUIMONO Water System file size 61.4MB

version 2.1.14

supports Unity version 2019.4.10 or higher

Note: A standard Unity rendering system is required.

SUIMONO 2.1-Interactive Water System provides Unity with advanced and deeply customizable ocean and water effects, including advanced rendering technologies such as refraction, caustics, depth analysis (etc.), both on and under water… achieve visually dynamic water and ocean rendering effects!

advanced effects-3D waves with tessellation (dx11), foam rendering, dynamic refraction and scene transition.

scene interaction-Set up any game object and get interactive effects such as splash, refraction ripples, sound and advanced buoyancy effects.

underwater effects-automated underwater rendering, including depth atomization, advanced caustics, blur and scene transitions.

customization-you can control all aspects of water vision and behavior. You can use the included presets or create your own effects!

Availability-The code base can be opened entirely in C#-Easy to set up and customize-Easy to use custom interface