Unity插件 – 武器制作射击系统 2D Weapons Maker

File size: 300.1KB

Version: 1.0

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.4 or higher

2D Weapon Making Tool (Shooting System)-Easily add weapons to your game. Description The

2D weapon making tool (shooting system) is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of adding weapons to your 2D game. With rich customizable features, you can easily create, customize and integrate weapons into your game world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this resource simplifies the weapon implementation process and allows you to focus on creating an engaging game experience

Technical details

Version 1.0: Muzzle Customization: Accurately customize the weapon muzzle. Customizable shooting modes: Define unique shooting behaviors. Multi-functional ballistic settings: Customize the weapon’s ballistic trajectory to suit your game needs. Ammunition handling: Flexible management of ammunition. Aiming processing: Achieve precise aiming mechanism. Sound support: Enhance the gaming experience with immersive audio. Customizable input controls and event support: Easily integrate player input and events into your weapon. Save as programmable object: Save weapon configurations as reusable programmable objects, simplifying the development process and easily sharing your creations between projects.