Unity插件 – 桥接插件 Exporter for Unreal to Unity 2024

2024.05.24 Updated plug-in version

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Version: 1.40

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.32 or higher

Unreal to Unity Exporter is a powerful tool that can help you save time and effort while converting Unreal Engine projects. It is an Unreal plug-in (only effective when placed in Unreal, see the tutorial) that exports Unreal levels to Unity. This means a static mesh with LOD, collision shapes, actor placement, decals, spline mesh, skin mesh, terrain, materials, and textures. Unreal versions supported by


: -5.0-5.3, 4.27


supported Unity versions: Built-in pipeline: Unity 2019.4 or higher URP: Unity 2021.2.7 or higher HDRP: Unity 2021.2.7 or later

-Some materials won’t look 100% as in Unreal to exotic material nodes or nodes I haven’t fixed-For terrain, you need to first select the ConvertLandscapesToStaticMeshes option-If for any reason you encounter a shader compilation error, please email me: [email protected]. – URP 11.0 or higher-HDRP 11.0 or higher-Light intensities will not match exactly-Create an FBX for each static mesh object and create prefab for instance mesh objects-Export URP and HDRP decals


that will not export: – Cloth-Special material nodes I haven’t fixed yet-Particle emitters-Wind modifiers-Subsurface scattering-Tessellations-Terrain with more than 30 million polygons because the FBX exporter crashes.– RuntimeVirtualTextures