Unity插件 – 角色运动基础 Character Movement Fundamentals

File size: 9.9MB

Version: 2.2

Original Unity Version: 2018.4.27 or higher

Character Movement Fundamentals are rigid body based character movement systems. In short, it’s a set of scripts, components and prefab that helps quickly set up realistic characters that move around and reflect the 3D game environment.

Everything in this resource pack is designed to be as versatile as possible and adapted to a variety of needs-whether it’s creating a fast-paced first-person shooter game, a tense third-person adventure game, or a 2.5D sidescoller, this resource pack can meet the necessary basic production needs.


-detailed user manual.

-Record the complete source code.

-a multifunctional, highly customized role controller system. The included character controller can handle a variety of terrains, smoothly climbing and downhill without leaving the ground, and can slide down too steep slopes. In addition, it can rotate freely while running, enabling a variety of interesting gameplay (walking on the ceiling or on a miniature planet […]). If


want to optimize the game to adapt to various platforms, they can choose from three different ground detection methods.

Finally, all movement-related attributes (movement speed, air control, jump speed, stair height […]) can be adjusted to suit various gameplays.

-The viewing angle system included with the full-featured viewing angle system is suitable for all viewing angle needs (first-person, third-person, top-down […]) and is equipped with built-in viewing angle rotation smoothness, reversible input axis and adjustable vertical viewing angle limits.

-All functions of this resource pack are represented in three example scenarios.


-14 ready-to-use controller preforms that can be “drag-and-drop” into any scene to operate without further settings.

-A basic set of environment building blocks and fully bound and animated low-polygon character models, both ideal for rapid prototyping.