Unity插件 – 脚本模板 Script Templates

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Version: 1.1

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.28 or later

Accelerate your workflow and create custom script templates from within the editor. The

script template is a super easy-to-use plug-in that allows you to create custom script templates from within the editor.

When you create a new script in the editor, Unity automatically creates a MonoBehavior for you with the correct class name, Start, and Update methods. That’s so cool!

But what if you want to use Sciptable objects, normal C#classes, or structs? You need to rewrite it immediately!

This is where script templates come in! It allows you to create your own custom templates for your projects. Need a scriptable object? Create it now! Want to write a normal C#class? You don’t need to include a template to complete this operation!

Using script templates, you will greatly improve your workflow and can focus on what matters most-creating great games!