, Unity插件 – 阴影插件 Next Gen Soft Shadows,



file size: 6.0MB

version: 2.4.1

support Unity version: 2019.4.40 or higher

this is the latest iteration of the smoothest and fastest dynamic soft shadow solution for Unity. Easy to integrate, faster rendering, more exquisite than the previous version! With powerful new tools, shadow algorithms, optimization and user-friendly self-describing light source components, it is possible to improve the quality of scene lighting. NGSS is a complete shadow replacement plug-in for Unity for top open world game series, such as Facepunch Rust. NGSS provides an one-stop service to quickly improve the project shadow quality to the CGI level of movie animation in real time without affecting any performance! As we all know, this is what Unity shadows should look like! the

shadow algorithm: PCSS filter (regional soft shadow) and PCF filter (uniform soft shadow). The powerful noise canceller greatly improves the performance of the basic filter, acts as a separable filter, and has unlimited screen space Frustum Shadow with bilateral filtering and edge tolerance. Select blue noise or jitter. The sampler is stable in screen space, so the shadow sampler keeps time friendly with less jitter.

optimization: NGSS filters shadows with a minimum number of samples, while skipping fully illuminated or fully shaded areas, making it one of the fastest solutions in the field of realistic half-shadow scenes.

inspiration: NGSS creatively incorporates kernel filters that are primarily based on Monte Carlo. Presents a high-quality large dynamic half-shadow effect, similar to ray-traced shadows, with excellent single-step and aliasing effects, and extremely tiny shadow maps.

resource kit comes with a wizard tool to help install NGSS’s internal shadow library with one click to install and one button to uninstall. Both local shadows and directional shadows come with separate libraries that are independent of each other. NGSS provides shadow components for attaching to scene lights (all light sources) and allows you to adjust shadow attributes such as quality, soft opacity, and so on at run time. Finally, NGSS internally replaces the Unity Shadow Library, so NGSS can run like Unity Shadows while being compatible with all resource bundles in the Asset Store that use the standard (built-in) renderer.

shadow function:-Frustum Shaow (tracking screen space), bilateral filtering for all light source types-a powerful noise canceller that acts as a separable shadow filter on top of the basic filter (improves quality several times for free)-PCSS (regional soft shadows) and PCF (uniform soft shadows) Filtering for all light sources-AR/VR supports all shadows-full shadows on all platforms where Unity supports shadows (requires SM3.0 and above)-cascaded blending on all shadow shadows-supports inline sampling. Avoid copying RenderTexture and use built-in light source depth maps-filter quality settings: 4 to 128 samplers (from mobile to movie animation)-fast shadows. The self-defined aggressive early exit algorithm is adopted. Only soften shadows in semi-shaded areas, skipping fragments that are fully illuminated or completely obscured.

supported platforms: work locally by installing the NGSS library, or by directly incorporating the library into the shader with the remote cloud generation system. The setup is simple and fast. Incompatible with DX9 and GLES1/2! Compatible with AR/VR, DX11, DX12, PS4, XB1, SWITCH, GLCore, GLES3.0, Metal, Vulkan and equivalent API. At least SM3.0 is required on supported API. Unity version supported by

: upcoming support for Unity 5.6 to 2019 (built-in renderer) HD and LW pipeline.