Unity插件 – 样条线工具插件 Spline Tools for MapMagic & MapMagic 2

File size: 51.4MB

Version: 3.1.0

Original Unity version: 2019.4.40 or later

This is an extension of MapMagic and MapMagic 2, Unity’s node-based program and infinite map generator. It enhances MapMagic’s capabilities by adding a new set of generators and graphics-based state of the world.

requires MapMagic or MapMagic 2 installed to use this extension!

Please note that this resource is not related to the MM2 spline module. Only the free MapMagic 2 core assets are needed, but the Object and Biome modules also provide additional features.

This extension will allow POIs (points of interest) and splines between them to be generated based on the user’s rule set to jointly define the WorldGraph. The diagram can then be used to modify terrain, disperse objects, or manipulate them through APIs at runtime.

Depending on the generator used, these splines can be used for roads or rivers through integrated RAM. Splines can also be generated within the POI area to create villages, etc.

Please note that this world map is conceptually limited to predefined areas and does not generate infinity.

Note: MapMagic 2 does not yet officially support third-party generators, so every MM2 update may disrupt integration with this asset. Until this situation changes, MM2 integration should not be considered stable.