Unity插件 – 工具提示系统 ProTips – Tooltip System

2023.11.18 Updated version

File size: 22.7 MB

Version: 1.7.6a

Original Unity Version: 5.5.0 or higher

New features in 1.7! (Note: You must use Unity 2019.4.30f1 or later to see these new features)* Fully compatible with TextMeshPro (but still works with the built-in UGUI text UI)! * Tooltips are available for TextMeshPro links (the included presentation scenes explain how to do this)!

ProTips is a tooltip solution designed to work out of the box with TextMeshPro and Unity’s built-in text UI.

ProTips supports desktop/PC mouse-over events and touch-down events. Tooltips can also be triggered from remote events such as button clicks or code, which is useful for creating in-game interactive tutorials. When time is paused, tooltips will also work normally.

Use Unity Canvas and our starting template to visually create your own tooltip styles. The enclosed step-by-step documentation helps you get started.


do not require programming knowledge, but it can be very helpful if you want to extend your system.

include: * Complete C#source code, no DLLs * 13 tooltip style templates in Workshop scenarios * Working examples of many demonstration scenarios providing core functionality * All assets you see in screenshots and demos * * Layered PSD files in tooltip styles provided * PDF document