Unity插件 – 安卓蓝牙插件 Bluetooth Android Plugin

File size: 292.5KB

Version: 1.4

Original Unity Version: 5.4.1 or higher

Bluetooth Android plug-in is very easy to use. Convert your game to multiplayer immediately without any problems. Features of


: -Supports all Android versions. – Clean, short and simple C#code. – Widely optimized-for Unity and Unity pro. – Include complete documentation. – Recorded demonstration examples. – Includes all Bluetooth events, such as:

search device events: -search device completion events. – Discovery of new equipment events. – Zero equipment events were found.

send/receive message event: -Complete reading event. – Complete writing activities.

connection event: -connection event… – Successful connection event. – Unable to connect event.

functions: -enabled. – Connected. – Get the device name. – Get the name of the connected device. – Enable Bluetooth. – Disable Bluetooth. – Set up Bluetooth to discover. – Search for equipment. – Send messages to connected devices. – Stop the current connection.

* This plugin is only used to connect between Android mobile devices:) I hope you like it