Unity插件 – 拍卖行系统 Auction House Remastered

File size: 372.7KB

Version: 1.0

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.20 or later

This plug-in will add an auction house system to your uMMORPG Remastered game to allow players to buy and sell items with other players on your server. Each tab of the

auction house supports pages, with a maximum of 20 items displayed on each page and can be changed. Search for items by full or partial item names with level ranges and categories/subcategories. Sort items in ascending order (az/0-9) or descending order (za/9-0) by clicking the column name. You can bid on the selected project at the lowest allowed bid, you can enter a higher bid if you want, or you can buy out the project. (Note: You cannot bid or buy out your own auction) If the bid matches or is higher than the buyout, it will buy out the item at the buyout price. View active auctions where you have previously bid to allow you to bid if you bid too high or increase previous bids. Publish auctions to sell to other players. A deposit will be generated based on the following calculation for the auction: (ItemVendorSalePrice x StackSize x DurationFeePercent). Each duration length is in days and can be changed along with its expense percentage. The default values are: (1 day-0.1%, 3 days-0.2%, 5 days-0.3%) If you publish the auction and the auction is successful, you will receive a refund of the deposit. After the auction, the final value fee is automatically deducted from the seller’s income. (The default fee is 0.1% of the final value of the auction) You can claim all gold and items from the Claims tab in auctions that have closed or overbid. Run and process auction inspections that need to be concluded every 15 minutes (variable). Categories are stored in enumerations and you can edit/add/delete categories. Multiple auction houses are based on player ID. This will allow you to have separate auction houses based on category or whether your game has factions. All players with the same Id will see the same auction.