Unity插件 – 卡通天空云 Farland Skies – Cloudy Crown Pro

File size: 87.9MB

Version: 1.4.2

Original Unity Version: 5.2.0 or higher

Simple cartoon-style sky box with a custom single-channel shader that can be used as a regular sky box material, avoiding the use of any spheres or meshes.

functions: ·Three types of clouds, color, height, offset and rotation speed can be adjusted.·Three types of stars can be adjusted for color tone, flashing speed and horizon extinction.·Three types of sun and moon, with customizable size, color and position.·Fully customizable day and night cycles.·Easy to control through scripts or directly in the editor.·High performance. Optimized for mobile devices and VR platforms.·Support built-in and universal rendering pipelines.

In addition, it’s easy to integrate, just drag the prefabricated items into your scene and get started!