Unity插件 – VertExmotion Pro

File size: 81.2 MB

Version: 1.10.6

Original Unity Version: 2019.1.0 or later

VertExmotion is a shader-based software system that is combined with a procedural animation system.

You can easily animate certain parts of a mesh object (such as hair, clothing) in the Unity editor!

don’t need to add bones to everything!

are very fast and easy to use! – Add individual components. – Draw what you want to animate! – Add sensors and set motion attributes. – Press Play and enjoy!

New: Vertex-buffering mode no longer requires shader compatibility. Thanks to the new Unity API, VertExmotion can be used with any shader. (Unity 2021.2 or higher) Compatible with Alloy-Shader Forge-Amplify Shader Editor-Unity Shader Graph-Global Snow includes LWRP and HDRP nodes VertExmotion is a rapid software simulation used to improve game visuals and is not a physics-based software system.