Unity – 狙击手和弹道系统 Realistic Sniper and Ballistics System

File size: 46.1 MB

Version: 1.1

Original Unity Version: 2018.4.35 or later

Real Sniper and Ballistic System (RSB) is a toolset that provides true bullet trajectories, ballistic simulations, first-person sniper controllers, bullet time effects and more!

Real Sniper and Ballistic Systems ( RSB) is a toolset used to create any type of shooting game (especially sniper games), including realistic ballistic simulations.

create realistic bullet/ballistic trajectories, bullet time effects, dynamic range systems, penetration and ricochet, etc., available out of the box.

RSB is not a single type of template; it can be used in first-person, third-person, or any game that requires real bullet simulation. That being said, RSB also provides you with first-person controllers that can be used in games, with headers, gun lanes, breath-holding swings, and simple bolted weapon controls. Almost all systems in the

RSB are decoupled from each other, and with an event system, you can integrate the RSB into your own projects and use only those parts that you really need! As a result, RSB can be easily used with your existing player or other shooter assets.