, Unity – 超市食品模型包 Supermarket Gluttony Pack,


file size: 236.0 MB

version: 4.0

support Unity version: 4.0.0 or higher

from milk to canned food-this extremely affordable package contains 55 supermarket foods made with love and care!

feature model between 6-936 polygons, in FBX format. The package includes 256 × 256,512 × 512 and 1024 × 1024 PBR textures (albedo / alpha, metallicity / smoothness, normal) in TIFF format.

also has prefabricated parts for all different texture resolutions to make your life easier.

-bread (140p)-bubblegum (6p)-butter (6p)-candy bar (38p)-cereal (6p)-cheese (108p)-chicken (317p)-chicken nuggets (46p)-chocolate syrup (204p)-coffee (96p)-biscuits (82p)-cream bread (6p) -French whipped cream (84p)-fried steak (173p)-egg box (214p)-fish sticks (6p)-flour (88p)-French fries (112p)-iced cream (84p)-jam (168p)-juice (54p)-ketchup (132p)-lollipop (79p)-luncheon meat (169p)- Macaroni and cheese (54p)-mayonnaise (132p)-milk (26p)-minced meat (140p)-mustard (132p)-noodles (64p)-spaghetti (98p)-peanut butter (168p)-plastic box (135p)-potato chips (124p)-potatoes (98p)-pudding (92p)-rice ( 78p)-salami (120p)-salmon (140p)-salt (6p)-salty biscuit (146p)-six packets (936p)-soda (147p)-soda bottle (193p)-soup (120p)-sugar (88p)-sushi chutoro (44p)-sushi ebi (74p)-sushi grip (50p)-sushi slices (24p)-sushi Yuzi roast (82p)-tuna (111p)-whipped cream (168p)

please pay attention. Whether this contains any scripts or animations.