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Unity Plugin Unity3D Game Assets

Unity plugins-Runtime Asset Database

2024.06.12 Updated plug-in version file size: 9.9 MB Version: 1.2.2 Original Unity version: 2021.3.31 or higher Runtime asset database simplifies runtime save/load implementation in Unity, copying the Unity editor's prefabricated concept for runtime asset management. The runtime asset database is...
Unity Plugin Unity3D Game Assets

Unity plugins-Inventory Engine

File size: 52.2 MB Version: 3.0 Original Unity Version: 5.6.1 or higher The inventory engine is Unity's simple and flexible inventory solution. Its design is minimalist and gives you everything you need to create inventory, items, display them and plug...
Unity Plugin Unity3D Game Assets

Unity plugins-Easy Decal plugins

File size: 403.2 MB Version: 2021.4.1 Original Unity Version: 4.7.2 or higher easy decal provides you with an easy-to-use workflow to attach decals to all types of surfaces in the game world. Enrich details in your virtual world and take...